Maple Midi Tools


Maple Midi Tools


Download. The Maple Midi Tools software will work on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. It includes as part of the installation the Maple Virtual Midi Cable. Maple Midi Tools is a host program for midi plug-ins. Any number of midi plug-ins can be used, and with these plug-ins, you can effectively add to the feature list of your midi based software / midi keyboard. There is a help file included as part of the installation of Maple that you can use to better understand how to configure and use Maple. The Maple Midi Tools program is freeware - you are very welcome to donate below if you like it.


Please also see the additional plug-ins available for download.


At this time Maple Midi Tools does not support the 64 bit versions of Windows XP/Vista.  





Unzip the file and double-click Setup.exe in the unzipped folder you made. You will need to reboot after installation. To uninstall, use the Windows Control Panel’s “Add or Remove Programs” applet.